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Attract your dream career, life, relationship, health and wealth in 2024

Vibrational Energy Coaching With Professional Growth Coach, Mark in Manila

Struggling To Make Life Work The Way You WantYou Are Not Alone. Get Your Life Back

As an experienced vibrational energy coach, I empower individuals and teams to elevate their energetic vibrations and overcome obstacles across all aspects of life - career, relationships, transitions, and more. My personalized coaching programs harness the power of increased vibrational awareness:

Activating your resonance with wealth, success, confidence and bliss

Unpacking and releasing vibrational blockages and fear patterns

Calibrating your vibration to more rapidly materialize your visions

Accelerating your career success and land your dream job through powerful interview preparation, persuasive communication, and authentic personal branding.

Conquering challenges like ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, depression, tinnitus, and sleep issues through sustainable, holistic techniques.

Thriving through major life events like launching a business, divorce, becoming a parent, and other pivotal transitions.

Developing English fluency and communication skills for non-native speakers, including accent neutralization.

As a previous trainer for HSBC, I also provide tailored corporate training solutions for call center teams, promoting exceptional customer service, retention strategies, and elevated team performance.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Corporate Training , Keynote Speaker & Writer

As a DEI consultant and corporate trainer, I collaborate with organizations to build inclusive, equitable workplaces prepared for the global marketplace. My DEI services include:

Comprehensive policy review and development of robust DEI strategies

Employee/management workshops covering LGBTQ+, gender, race, disability, and mental health inclusion

Recruitment/interviewing best practices to reduce bias and facilitate diversity

Specialised DEI training for companies in Asia seeking to expand their global presence


Speaking & Writing Engagements to Educate and Inspire

An experienced speaker, podcast host, and writer, I engage audiences through motivational talks, workshops and articles focused on empowered living through vibrational energy, diversity/inclusion, and holistic well-being.

I present for universities, corporations, conferences and more.

Read my coaching and motivational substack here.

Listen to a selection of my podcasts here.

Watch and listen to my youtube channels here.

Specialized Coaching Services for University Students Worldwide

Coach Mark and his team understand the unique challenges faced by native and non-native English speaking. students studying abroad or pursuing higher education.

From cultural adjustment and language barriers to time management, stress, and career planning, the demands can be overwhelming. That's why we offer a comprehensive online coaching service tailored specifically for university students worldwide. We have particular expertise with students studying in Asia, and students from Asia and The Middle East studying in Western Countries.

Visit Coach Mark in Manila's Substack article to read about his university graduates transformative coaching approach.

Our "Student Success Coaching" program provides personalized support to help students navigate the complexities of their academic journey, ensuring they have the tools and guidance necessary to thrive and achieve their goals. By working closely with students who may be struggling to adapt to cross-cultural differences or being far from their native countries, we can help them re-engage with their studies and complete their exams successfully.

This not only maintains your University's revenue stream by preventing dropouts but also enhances the institution's reputation for providing excellent student support and pastoral care. Universities can proudly promote their partnership with our coaching services in their marketing materials, showcasing their commitment to their students' overall well-being and success.

With over 25 years of experience in business and coaching Coach Mark and his team of seasoned professionals are well-equipped to assist students from all backgrounds, including members of minority communities and those facing mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and OCD.

Coach Mark In Manila helps countless students overcome obstacles, regain motivation, improve their confidence, and excel in their studies. From supporting graduates traumatized by past events to assisting with public speaking confidence, career coaching, interview preparation, and resume building, our coaching team's expertise encompasses a wide range of areas crucial for student success.

Utilizing proven techniques like vibrational energy coaching, NLP, and the law of attraction, Coach Mark In Manila empowers students to tap into their full potential and manifest the reality they desire. Our native English-speaking coaches provide a supportive environment for both native and non-native English speakers, ensuring effective communication and understanding.

Additionally, we offer valuable training services for university faculty and staff, equipping them with the coaching techniques and strategies needed to better support their students. By fostering a culture of personal growth and empowerment, we help create a nurturing environment where students can thrive.

Furthermore, we provide tailored webinars, seminars, and coaching sessions for students across various industries, including IT, law, medicine, education, science, renewable energy, engineering, sociology and humanities These targeted offerings aim to motivate and inspire students throughout their academic and professional journeys.

We invite you to schedule a complimentary 30-minute online consultation to discuss your Individual, or institution's, needs and explore how our coaching services can benefit you / your students and faculty.

Together, we empower a community of resilient, confident, and successful students who are prepared to make their mark on the world.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Training

Enhances brand reputation, expands markets, reduces legal risks and unlocks unrealized human potential
Embedding DEI into University Services

As top universities compete globally for students and faculty, promoting a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment is crucial. We offer comprehensive DEI training programs that can be seamlessly integrated into a university's services for staff, faculty, and students.

Our training covers keys areas like recognizing unconscious bias, building cultural competence, supporting underrepresented groups, and creating a culture of belonging. Sessions are designed to be interactive, thought-provoking, and tailored to the specific contexts and needs of different university roles and departments.

In addition to group training, we provide one-on-one coaching for university leaders to model inclusive behaviors and ensure DEI principles are embedded into policies, processes and decision making. Our programs build knowledge and skills to foster a richly diverse campus community where all feel welcomed, valued and empowered to succeed.

Standalone Corporate DEI Training

For corporations globally, we offer customized DEI training solutions to equip your workforce to drive real change. We have particular expertise and specialism in companies in Asia: Japan, China, Malaysia, India

Our programs start with a comprehensive audit reviewing your organization's existing policies, websites, handbooks and training related to DEI, diversity management, and compliance areas like harassment and discrimination.

We then work closely with your team to design and deliver training that bridges any gaps and aligns with your unique DEI goals.

Our experts draw from a range of innovative training methods such as experiential learning, microsimulations, facilitated dialogues and skill practices. All training is grounded in the latest research and continually updated.

Why Invest in DEI?

A robust DEI strategy is critical for attracting talent, driving innovation, and maintaining a competitive edge.

For companies doing business globally, especially those seeking contracts with Western corporations and governments, well-documented DEI policies and practices are often requirements to be considered. Often companies will cherry pick only those who operate the highest standards. And that includes having ADEI policy.

Beyond compliance, an inclusive culture leverages the full potential of a diverse workforce.

Employees feeling valued for their unique perspectives fuel greater engagement, creativity, and productivity that translate into improved solutions for your customers.

Prioritizing DEI is quite simply good for business. It enhances brand reputation, expands markets, reduces legal risks and unlocks unrealized human potential.

We work as your partner to build a tailored DEI roadmap that creates long-term sustainable value for your enterprise.



This comprehensive 6-month intensive program is designed to transform ambitious legal professionals, both those speaking English as a second language and native speakers, into influential communicators and savvy business leaders. Through personalized one-on-one coaching with Coach Mark in Manila, you'll develop the skills to:

* Articulate complex legal concepts with clarity and persuasion
* Navigate cross-cultural communication in a global legal landscape
* Master client acquisition and retention strategies
* Develop a distinctive personal brand in the legal sector
* Negotiate with confidence and finesse

By the end of this course, you'll be equipped to elevate your practice, attract high-value clients, and position yourself as a leader in your field. Whether you're launching your own firm or aiming for partnership, this intensive will give you the edge you need to succeed.

This is a one-to-one coaching program with Coach Mark in Manila available anywhere in the world via Microsoft Teams. If you're interested in self-paced, downloadable courses without live coaching, please register for our newsletter to be notified when these options become available. Also don't forget to check out our store for all of our ebooks and downloadable courses.

Comprehensive Legal Practice Launch and / Or Growth Coaching With Coach Mark in Manila.

A 6-month intensive program designed for legal professionals preparing to launch their own practice, or presently engaged in law firm and tasked with retaining and increasing new clients. with a focus on:

English language skills for legal and business contexts
Exceptional fluency and confidence building
Business setup and entrepreneurship
Marketing and client acquisition strategies
Cross-cultural communication
Networking and professional relationship building
Presentation and negotiation skills

Total hours: 48 (2 sessions of 60 minutes per week, 2 hours per week)

Monthly Breakdown:
Months 1-2: Foundations and Market Analysis

English for legal contexts
Personal branding
Business setup essentials
Target market identification
SWOT analysis and competitor research
Cross-cultural communication basics

Months 3-4: Marketing and Client Acquisition

Crafting your unique value proposition
Developing marketing materials and website content
Online presence optimization (LinkedIn, professional profiles)
Outreach strategies for different target markets

Customer acquisition strategies and identification
Email communication for maximum impact

Month 5: Sales and Negotiation Skills

Consultative selling techniques
Pricing strategies and negotiation
Handling objections and closing deals
Proposal writing and presentation
Retaining clients and upselling services

Month 6: Networking and Professional Growth

Effective networking at conferences and events
Public speaking and thought leadership
Writing for industry publications
Building and leveraging professional relationships
Long-term growth strategies and goal setting

Pricing Structure:
Total investment: $4,800 USD

Option 1: Full payment upfront: $4,320 USD (10% discount)

Book your package now

Option 2: Two installments of $2,400 each

(First payment before starting, second payment at the 3-month mark)

Book your package now
Reserve your package and access my calendar to book your dates and times by clicking either of the two package links above. Payments are processed by Stripe secure payment platform. Upon completion of payment, you will be directed to the link to check my calendar, which is also visible here: * Please check my calendar to ensure availability for your time zone. Should a specific time or date not be visible, please email mark @expert to inquire about possible availability prior to booking your package.

Additional Benefits:

Access to Coach Mark via Telegram for urgent queries
Voice note feedback on urgent presentations or meeting questions
Document review (deducted from session credits)
Expertise in cross-cultural communication between East and West

Terms and Conditions:

24-hour cancellation/rescheduling notice required
Package is non-refundable but transferable
1-year validity on session credits

What does your resume say about you..?

Send Coach Mark In Manila your resume and receive a one page report about your strengths, weaknesses and how employers will view your career chronology & chance of career success. To get your free report, simply email a copy of your resume to coach Mark and receive your personal rating.

Japanese speakers of ESL requiring advanced business English public speaking confidence.
私の専門は日本人学生のコーチングと指導です。 10代から60代まで、男性も女性も、社会人も新卒も含め、幅広い年齢層の方が働いています。 今すぐセッションを予約して、私たちがあなたの英語をどのように変えることができるかを確認してください

ビジネス英語, 英語コーチング, 英語ネイティブコーチング


Book Your 1-1 Online Expert NLP Led ESL, Career, Marketing, Business & Public Speaking Coaching

Discover Coach Mark's Specialist BPO Training Instructional Design Consulting & Coaching Services Here



Per 60 mins

  • Marketing, Branding & PR consultancy 

  • ESL English / IELTS / OET
  • Pronunciation and British accent coaching
  • Public speaking confidence
  • Career and job interview coaching
  • Business and entrepreneurship coaching
24 x 60 mins


Per 24 x 60 mins / 1440 mins

  • Discounted Package Deal
  • Marketing, Branding & PR consultancy
  • ESL English / IELTS / OET
  • Pronunciation and British accent coaching
  • Public speaking confidence
  • Career and job interview coaching
  • Business and entrepreneurship coaching
48 x 60 mins


Per 48 x 60 mins / 2880 mins

  • Discounted Package Deal
  • Marketing, Branding & PR consultancy

  • ESL English / IELTS / OET
  • Pronunciation and British accent coaching
  • Public speaking confidence
  • Career and job interview coaching
  • Business and entrepreneurship coaching


No payment

  • X 1 FREE 30 minute Trial Teams / Zoom / Telegram Consultancy Call 
  • 25+ Years Expert Advice

  • Marketing, Branding & PR consultancy 
  • Career and Job Interview Coaching, Pronunciation, British Accent Coaching, Public Speaking, ESL / IELTS / OET, Business and Entrepreneurship Coaching  

BPO Teams Training Instructional Design Consulting With Coach Mark In Manila



BPO Training Instructional Design Consulting & Coaching Services

With over 25 years training BPO  and call center teams, including HSBC, I offer customized training solutions to equip your staff with the skills and knowledge to excel. My flexible programs can be delivered in-person or virtually to fit your needs. Let me help you:

° Onboard new hires through tailored training camps
° Upskill experienced staff with refresher courses
° Address knowledge gaps identified by team leads
° Incorporate the latest trends and best practices
° Boost KPIs like customer satisfaction through enhanced service training
° Keep employee turnover low through ongoing development

My programs help optimize team dynamics and cohesion. I provide tools for groups to:

Collectively raise their resonance for enhanced collaboration, innovation and productivity.

Release interpersonal conflicts, comp etition and energy leaks through vibrational recode.

Activate passionate engagement and inspired leadership frequencies.
Install new energetic patterning to embody the team's highest vision and values.

For example, I worked with a struggling call center team locked in low-vibe patterns of negativity, high turnover and poor customer ratings. Through guided activities, we released the dis-empowering group thought-forms inhibiting their success. We then activated their resonance with qualities like patience, active listening, solution-oriented flow and teamwork.

Within a month, customer satisfaction scores had dramatically improved as the team's vibration embodied excellent service. Morale issues ceased as each member felt engaged and valued. The branch's energetic resonance became a powerful customer magnet, leading to increased business.

Get in touch to discuss your training needs! I'll conduct a thorough needs analysis and design a high-impact program fitting your budget.

Land your dream job or internship - guaranteed.
From imposter syndrome to career or business confidence
The power of persistence - a Japanese ESL learners journey to keynote success.
Coffee That Can Change Your Life

Want to take control of your career, connect with awesome people, and find new possibilities beyond the daily grind? Grab this opportunity, all for the price of. an affordable cup of coffee that delivers all that and more.

We're proud to announce the launch of new weekly networking meetups in Makati, Philippines, for driven professionals, side hustlers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, creatives, college students - pretty much anyone feeling stuck in their current gig or life.

Donate 350 pesos to buy the facilitators a cup of coffee, via grab pay, chill with like-minded people for an hour and walk away inspired to level up. These aren't boring corporate mixer schmooze fests. Expect real talk, new perspectives, aha moments, and friendships. All of our expert facilitators come from a range of backgrounds, including counseling, career coaching, English as a second language, business, franchise and entrepreneurship.

On the agenda:

💡 Brainstorm how to monetize your skills, hustles ideas, land sweet remote work or launch bold new ventures. Discover franchise opportunities and entrepreneurial gaps in the market.

🗣 Learn from the experts how to land internships or job interviews and say the right things in the interview to nail the offer. Practice professional pitching and English communication in a warm, welcoming environment. 

🤝 Make authentic connections, find mentors, collaborators and cheerleaders. The group has your back.

☕️ Oh yeah, and there's actual good coffee involved too! Either bring your own cup or join us for a brew in the locations we meet at.

Can't make it in-person? We've got you covered with upcoming virtual sessions too for global digital nomads. Same price to join, same priceless returns.

Invest what you'd spend on a takeout latte for returns that massively multiply your career capital. Ditch the stale status quo - your big break is brewing!

RSVP below and let's sip success together. ☕️

$6.30 Per person $9.99

What Our Fantastic Clients Worldwide Say

Coach Mark In Manila
Create Your Success Today
Coach Mark In Manila ESL English
Create Your Success Today

Commission Coach Mark & Team To Write
Or Guest Speak For Your Podcasts & Events


Motivational Speaker For Global Events


Mark is an inspirational speaker, writer, coach, and singer-songwriter available for bookings worldwide. His topics include:

Extending health and lifespan to live robustly to 100
Career pivoting and advancement for those over 40
Confidence in public speaking and finding your voice
Sustainable living and digital nomadism
Opportunities in the rising Asia hemisphere
Motivation, influence, entrepreneurship, and mental health
Weaving his and his clients' life experiences into song, Mark brings energy and expertise to events requiring an engaging speaker on these topics.

Having presented internationally from Asia to Europe, Mark is renowned for his in-person and online inspirational talks, presentations, and musical performances.

Contact Mark today to request him for your next conference, seminar, or corporate  event


Podcast, YouTube & TV Guesting


Book Mark, an engaging podcast host and guest, for your next show.

With his own diverse podcast programs and numerous interviews under his belt, Mark is an experienced podcast personality available for guest appearances.

His topics span:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Corporate Training
Extending health and lifespan to live robustly to 100
Career pivoting and advancement for those over 40
Confidence in public speaking and finding your voice
Sustainable living and digital nomad ism
Opportunities in the rising Asia hemisphere
Influence, entrepreneurship, and franchising
Business, ESL, and communication
Persuasive speaking and confidence
Motivation, mindset, mental health and success
Real estate investing
Travel and immigration - specialist in working with medics, lawyers, doctors, IT experts relocating to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA Europe.

Well-versed in both hosting insightful interviews and being an enthusiastic guest, Mark brings energy and expertise to any podcast or online show.

To feature him on your YouTube, podcast, radio, or TV program, contact Mark today.




Hire published travel writer Mark for your next article, interview, or first-person perspective piece.

With extensive experience writing for major publications like Channel 4's "A Place In The Sun - Everything Spain," Mark is well-versed in crafting engaging stories for print and digital.

His two decades as an international property and marketing director lend insider knowledge on topics such as:

Franchising, entrepreneurship and business opportunities
Sustainable and far-flung travel in Asia (Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia)
International real estate and property
Sustainability, diversity, inclusion, and social justice
Mark also speaks extensively on:

Extending health and lifespan
Career advancement
Public speaking
Digital nomad ism
Rising Asia opportunities
Motivation and entrepreneurship
For a seasoned writer who can develop compelling narratives or provide unique insights, commission Mark today.


Helping Thousands Of Clients Worldwide

Targeted Coaching Apps , E-books & Audios

° Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Corporate Training
° Sales Professionals
° Medics
° Business
° Customer Service
° Lawyers
° Engineers
° Confidence
° Pronunciation


1-1 ESL & Native English Fluency Coaching - Zoom, Teams & Telegram
° Public Speaking, Podcast, Radio & TV Coaching
° Job Interview Coaching   
° Career Coaching
° Advanced Business English Coaching
° Presentations
° Sales Calls / Expos
° OET Roleplay Coaching
° Bespoke Coaching

English Language Articles

° International Travel
° Tourism & Leisure
° Overseas Property
° Diversity & Inclusion
° Sustainability
° Social Justice & Equity
° Mental Health & Men
° Website & Blog Content

° Marketing Materials

Workshops & Events

° Advanced ESL English Bootcamps
° Career Coaching Seminars
° Public Speaking Confidence  
° International Business B2B & B2C Expos
° International Entrepreneur Expos & Networking

Expert Speakers Agency

° Podcast / Guest Speaker Coaching
° Expert Guest Speaker Matching Service - we find you the best experts for your show / event
° Expert Speaker Booking Agency - we find you your next speaking opportunity
° International Opportunities

Join Me On Substack - Everything You Need For Expert Influencing, Marketing, Career & Communication Success 

Apps, NLP Confident Speaking Guided Audios, Podcasts, Programs, Books, Advanced ESL & More 
Coach Mark In Manila OET ESL Medics
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Coach Mark In Manila Sales ESL English Coaching
Explore how to find the job of your dreams, Emigrate and Achieve the success you dream of

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Coach Mark In Manila OET Success
Find out why you're failing to hit your IELTS band and how to fix it

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Coach Mark In Manila ESL Business English
Learn how to speak exceptionally confidently, beat public speaking anxiety and impress the life out of anyone

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