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Fix your toxic relationship issues, handle change and join my Elite 100
Struggling to Navigate Relationship Challenges? You're Not Alone

Relationships face endless stressors - from divorce and breakups to mental health struggles, major life changes, toxic work colleagues / clients, retirement, even grief and loss.

When ties fray or break under this strain, the path forward can feel hopeless. Know there are resources to guide you.

Over at Relationship SOS - Untying The Knot - we explore how to consciously untangle unhealthy communication bonds while building the skills to forge new, healthier beginnings. Through it all, you have strength within to not only survive but thrive.

Join The Elite 100 - Transform your career, wealth, body and relationships in just 12 months!

Your Blueprint for Transforming Life in 2024 

I only take 100 people per year into my exclusive mastermind group. Why so limited? Because I'm personally committed to helping every single member achieve their biggest goals across relationships, career, health, and more.

With me as your accountability partner, you're guaranteed to make serious progress over 12 life-changing months together. Here's what you get:

96 articles delivered to your inbox with specific strategies, mindsets, and proven tactics to set you up for success in 4 key areas: career, wealth, body and relationships 

1-2 monthly coaching videos and podcasts customized to your goals

Personal, monthly progress check-ins to hold your feet to the fire. I'll be chasing you if I don't hear back!

Feeling Overwhelmed and Frustrated With Your Marketing or Public Speaking? Get Unstuck With a Custom Strategy Session

As a professional or entrepreneur, you likely started in business to turn your passion into purpose. But actually getting your message out there can quickly become frustrating and overwhelming.

You may find yourself spinning in circles, trying to juggle meetings, interviews, presentations, a website, social media, PR, podcast appearances, Substack...yet failing to gain traction.

Why? Because when you’re deep in the weeds of your own career, it’s impossible to see what’s working and what’s not. You simply can’t get an objective perspective when you’re doing it all yourself.

That’s where I come in.

With over 25 years of results-driven marketing  and personal branding expertise across diverse industries, I can quickly assess your current public speaking and charisma, branding, messaging, and content. As an unbiased external consultant and coach, I identify strengths as well as gaps that may be holding you back from achieving your goals.

In a 30-minute free strategy session, we’ll uncover:

✅ Who you’re talking to (and who you SHOULD be talking to)
✅ What makes your offer truly unique
✅ Where your messaging may be confusing or unfocused
✅ Quick wins to implement right away

You’ll walk away re-energized, with a prioritized action plan tailored specifically to YOUR public speaking, business or career needs. No more spinning your wheels, delivering unclear messages, or trying to be everything to everyone.

Stop feeling overwhelmed. Book a free session now to get unstuck and accelerate momentum.

Whether you need support with honing your public speaking confidence, Podcast guesting or hosting, English as a second language. interview technique, brand and messaging, content creation, website optimization, social media, or beyond, I’ve got you covered. Let’s chat!

What does your resume say about you..?

Send Coach Mark In Manila your resume and receive a one page report about your strengths, weaknesses and how employers will view your career chronology & chance of career success. To get your free report, simply email a copy of your resume to coach Mark and receive your personal rating.

Japanese speakers of ESL requiring advanced business English public speaking confidence.
私の専門は日本人学生のコーチングと指導です。 10代から60代まで、男性も女性も、社会人も新卒も含め、幅広い年齢層の方が働いています。 今すぐセッションを予約して、私たちがあなたの英語をどのように変えることができるかを確認してください

ビジネス英語, 英語コーチング, 英語ネイティブコーチング


Book 1-1 Online Expert NLP Led Career, Marketing, Business & Public Speaking Coaching OR
BPO Teams Training Instructional Design Consulting With Coach Mark In Manila

Discover Coach Mark's Specialist BPO Training Instructional Design Consulting & Coaching Services Here



Per 60 mins

  • Marketing, Branding & PR consultancy 

  • ESL English / IELTS / OET
  • Pronunciation and British accent coaching
  • Public speaking confidence
  • Career and job interview coaching
  • Business and entrepreneurship coaching
24 x 60 mins


Per 24 x 60 mins / 1440 mins

  • Discounted Package Deal
  • Marketing, Branding & PR consultancy
  • ESL English / IELTS / OET
  • Pronunciation and British accent coaching
  • Public speaking confidence
  • Career and job interview coaching
  • Business and entrepreneurship coaching
48 x 60 mins


Per 48 x 60 mins / 2880 mins

  • Discounted Package Deal
  • Marketing, Branding & PR consultancy

  • ESL English / IELTS / OET
  • Pronunciation and British accent coaching
  • Public speaking confidence
  • Career and job interview coaching
  • Business and entrepreneurship coaching


No payment

  • X 1 FREE 30 minute Trial Teams / Zoom / Telegram Consultancy Call 
  • 25+ Years Expert Advice

  • Marketing, Branding & PR consultancy 
  • Career and Job Interview Coaching, Pronunciation, British Accent Coaching, Public Speaking, ESL / IELTS / OET, Business and Entrepreneurship Coaching  
Land your dream job or internship - guaranteed.
From imposter syndrome to career or business confidence
The power of persistence - a Japanese ESL learners journey to keynote success.

BPO Training Instructional Design Consulting & Coaching Services

With over 25 years training BPO  and call center teams, I offer customized training solutions to equip your staff with the skills and knowledge to excel. My flexible programs can be delivered in-person or virtually to fit your needs. Let me help you:

° Onboard new hires through tailored training camps
° Upskill experienced staff with refresher courses
° Address knowledge gaps identified by team leads
° Incorporate the latest trends and best practices
° Boost KPIs like customer satisfaction through enhanced service training
° Keep employee turnover low through ongoing development

Get in touch to discuss your training needs! I'll conduct a thorough needs analysis and design a high-impact program fitting your budget.

Coffee That Can Change Your Life

Want to take control of your career, connect with awesome people, and find new possibilities beyond the daily grind? Grab this opportunity, all for the price of. an affordable cup of coffee that delivers all that and more.

We're proud to announce the launch of new weekly networking meetups in Makati, Philippines, for driven professionals, side hustlers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, creatives, college students - pretty much anyone feeling stuck in their current gig or life.

Donate 350 pesos to buy the facilitators a cup of coffee, via grab pay, chill with like-minded people for an hour and walk away inspired to level up. These aren't boring corporate mixer schmooze fests. Expect real talk, new perspectives, aha moments, and friendships. All of our expert facilitators come from a range of backgrounds, including counseling, career coaching, English as a second language, business, franchise and entrepreneurship.

On the agenda:

💡 Brainstorm how to monetize your skills, hustles ideas, land sweet remote work or launch bold new ventures. Discover franchise opportunities and entrepreneurial gaps in the market.

🗣 Learn from the experts how to land internships or job interviews and say the right things in the interview to nail the offer. Practice professional pitching and English communication in a warm, welcoming environment. 

🤝 Make authentic connections, find mentors, collaborators and cheerleaders. The group has your back.

☕️ Oh yeah, and there's actual good coffee involved too! Either bring your own cup or join us for a brew in the locations we meet at.

Can't make it in-person? We've got you covered with upcoming virtual sessions too for global digital nomads. Same price to join, same priceless returns.

Invest what you'd spend on a takeout latte for returns that massively multiply your career capital. Ditch the stale status quo - your big break is brewing!

RSVP below and let's sip success together. ☕️

$6.30 Per person $9.99Php

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What Our Fantastic Clients Worldwide Say

Coach Mark In Manila
Create Your Success Today
Coach Mark In Manila ESL English
Create Your Success Today

Commission Coach Mark & Team To Write
Or Guest Speak For Your Podcasts & Events


Motivational Speaker For Global Events


Mark is an inspirational speaker, writer, coach, and singer-songwriter available for bookings worldwide. His topics include:

Extending health and lifespan to live robustly to 100
Career pivoting and advancement for those over 40
Confidence in public speaking and finding your voice
Sustainable living and digital nomadism
Opportunities in the rising Asia hemisphere
Motivation, influence, entrepreneurship, and mental health
Weaving his and his clients' life experiences into song, Mark brings energy and expertise to events requiring an engaging speaker on these topics.

Having presented internationally from Asia to Europe, Mark is renowned for his in-person and online inspirational talks, presentations, and musical performances.

Contact Mark today to request him for your next conference, seminar, or corporate  event


Podcast, YouTube & TV Guesting


Book Mark, an engaging podcast host and guest, for your next show.

With his own diverse podcast programs and numerous interviews under his belt, Mark is an experienced podcast personality available for guest appearances.

His topics span:

Extending health and lifespan to live robustly to 100
Career pivoting and advancement for those over 40
Confidence in public speaking and finding your voice
Sustainable living and digital nomad ism
Opportunities in the rising Asia hemisphere
Influence, entrepreneurship, and franchising
Business, ESL, and communication
Persuasive speaking and confidence
Motivation, mindset, mental health and success
Real estate investing
Travel and immigration - specialist in working with medics, lawyers, doctors, IT experts relocating to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA Europe.

Well-versed in both hosting insightful interviews and being an enthusiastic guest, Mark brings energy and expertise to any podcast or online show.

To feature him on your YouTube, podcast, radio, or TV program, contact Mark today.




Hire published travel writer Mark for your next article, interview, or first-person perspective piece.

With extensive experience writing for major publications like Channel 4's "A Place In The Sun - Everything Spain," Mark is well-versed in crafting engaging stories for print and digital.

His two decades as an international property and marketing director lend insider knowledge on topics such as:

Franchising, entrepreneurship and business opportunities
Sustainable and far-flung travel in Asia (Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia)
International real estate and property
Sustainability, diversity, inclusion, and social justice
Mark also speaks extensively on:

Extending health and lifespan
Career advancement
Public speaking
Digital nomad ism
Rising Asia opportunities
Motivation and entrepreneurship
For a seasoned writer who can develop compelling narratives or provide unique insights, commission Mark today.


Helping Thousands Of Clients Worldwide

Targeted Coaching Apps , E-books & Audios

° Sales Professionals
° Medics
° Business
° Customer Service
° Lawyers
° Engineers
° Confidence
° Pronunciation


1-1 ESL & Native English Fluency Coaching - Zoom, Teams & Telegram
° Public Speaking, Podcast, Radio & TV Coaching
° Job Interview Coaching   
° Career Coaching
° Advanced Business English Coaching
° Presentations
° Sales Calls / Expos
° OET Roleplay Coaching
° Bespoke Coaching

English Language Articles

° International Travel
° Tourism & Leisure
° Overseas Property
° Diversity & Inclusion
° Sustainability
° Social Justice & Equity
° Mental Health & Men
° Website & Blog Content

° Marketing Materials

Workshops & Events

° Advanced ESL English Bootcamps
° Career Coaching Seminars
° Public Speaking Confidence  
° International Business B2B & B2C Expos
° International Entrepreneur Expos & Networking

Expert Speakers Agency

° Podcast / Guest Speaker Coaching
° Expert Guest Speaker Matching Service - we find you the best experts for your show / event
° Expert Speaker Booking Agency - we find you your next speaking opportunity
° International Opportunities

Join Me On Substack - Everything You Need For Expert Influencing, Marketing, Career & Communication Success 

Apps, NLP Confident Speaking Guided Audios, Podcasts, Programs, Books, Advanced ESL & More 
Coach Mark In Manila OET ESL Medics
Discover all my tips and strategies for smashing and nailing your OET top score

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Coach Mark In Manila Sales ESL English Coaching
Explore how to find the job of your dreams, Emigrate and Achieve the success you dream of

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Coach Mark In Manila OET Success
Find out why you're failing to hit your IELTS band and how to fix it

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Coach Mark In Manila ESL Business English
Learn how to speak exceptionally confidently, beat public speaking anxiety and impress the life out of anyone

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